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Shopify is on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. With millions of merchants using our platform, we’ve proven that it’s possible. But we need help from brilliant folks like you to help us build what’s next.

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Become an Apprentice Product Manager (APM)

Our Apprentice Product Manager (APM) program is dedicated to developing the next generation of product leaders. During our 12-month APM program, you’ll gain the skills you need to become a product manager, while working alongside some of the best in the business.

If you’re new to the workforce or an aspiring product enthusiast looking to switch careers, this is a great opportunity for you. As an APM, you’ll work with our engineers, designers, and data scientists to build impactful products that empower entrepreneurs everywhere. Come join us to make the future of commerce better for everyone!

Image of Carl Rivera, VP of Product at Shopify

Shopify is redefining commerce and entrepreneurship. This program is where our senior product leaders begin their journey.

—Carl Rivera, VP Product

Learn more about Shopify’s APM program.

Peer groups & group mentorship

You’ll be paired with a small group of peers to grow alongside. You’ll collaborate, ask questions, and support each other. You will also have access to a seasoned Product Manager to help your group reach its full potential.

Formal learning program

Get the opportunity to build foundational knowledge of the product management craft by learning and growing with true experts. This program is a blend of formal learning and on-the-job training.


Join 7,000+ folks doing their best to make a difference. We’re a team of independent thinkers, collaborators, and people eager to make an impact.

Future growth

Upon successful graduation from the program, you’ll be eligible to continue as a full-time product manager at Shopify.

A Shopify intern working from home at a standing desk

You might be a great fit for our APM program if you:

Are an aspiring product manager with less than one year of experience or looking to make a career switch (no previous product experience required)

Are eligible to work in the US and Canada and will reside in North America for the duration of the program

Have a growth mindset and can think in systems

Always try to understand why things work the way they do, and what could be improved

There are no academic requirements for this program. Whatever your background, if the role sounds interesting, we encourage you to apply.

The process

From submit to success

1. Apply

Submitting a completed application is the first step in the process.

2. Life Story and Mini Case Study

Prospective APMs will be invited to 2 interviews in the first round.
A "Life Story" interview with a member of our TA team, where you will discuss your career journey to date.
And a Mini Case Study interview with one of our full time PM's.

You'll be notified ahead of the interview for anything to prepare and on how the interview will flow.

3. Case Interview

Candidates moving beyond the Mini Case Study interview will have one final interview with the Shopify team. In this stage you will work through another case study with the goal of pushing deeper into your solution.
You’ll be informed ahead of time what you need to prepare.

4. Decision

Time to celebrate! Successful candidates are placed on teams based on their interests, skills, and experiences. Each placement is done individually and with significant consideration.

Let's make commerce better for everyone

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